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My earliest memory was swimming in Squirrel Crick with hundreds of brothers and sisters. I looked very different then because I had a tail and lived in the water day and night. Squirrel Crick was a very special place since it was shaded by many trees and protected from many things that wanted to eat me. There were so many of us that the crick was getting crowded and my parents kept having more and more tadpoles year after year. At the time, I had no idea that I would live just above the crick in my later years since as most of my siblings and I swam down into Lake Lanier.

I had so much fun on the Lake Lanier with my buddies:

Photo bombing the unsuspecting Steve McKibbon and his GHS classmates

After all my high school friends went off to college, I worked my way down the Chattahoochee River where I met the Smith family, a family of artists. The father, Charles Smith, became my Geppetto and magically transformed into the handsome frog I am today.

I became great friends with the Smiths, especially the younger Beau Smith:

One day, a nice lady stopped by the Smith’s art gallery and asked if I would like to move back to Gainesville to live at her house. The lady, Robbye McKibbon, who happened to be my old friend Steve McKibbon’s mother, loved me very much and gave me a beautiful bench to sit on and greet every visitor to her house. After 23 years of living at the McKibbon house, Robbye McKibbon went to the Big Frog Pond in the sky. I was very lonely since all the McKibbons were now gone and it looked like I was going to end up with a new family. One day, Steve stopped by the house one last time and was heartbroken to see me so lonely. He took me to his new home and asked if I would like to move back to Squirrel Crick. He was building this wonderful place with where there would be many new friends and I could live in a treehouse! I told him that sounded like the Big Frog Pond in the sky! I really wanted to live at the new place he called Treesort. He let me work with the construction crew and hang out with the workers.

My new life seemed like a dream. I spent a lot of time visiting old friends and new places in Gainesville when I was not working: