The Complete Guide for
Moving Into a New Apartment

Moving into a new place—whether it is a luxury apartment in Gainesville, Georgia, or a home located anywhere—is always very exciting. With a new home, you can find a world of new opportunities, as well as the ability to live the specific sort of life you’re dreaming of.

When making any major life decision, moving into a new apartment can also occasionally be stressful. Move-in and move-out days frequently come up much more quickly than we anticipated. That’s why it is important to come up with a detailed plan before you actually make your big move.

Fortunately, the Treesort team is here to help. By using this comprehensive guide—which will outline the most important things to consider when moving into a new apartment—your transition from Point A to Point B will be as easy as possible.

No matter where you are moving, be sure to keep these helpful tips in mind:

1. Start by Creating a Detailed Timeline

It is easy to think, "My current lease runs through August," and then wait until the end of July before making any big moves.

To start, take note of when your current lease ends and when your next one begins. You should also communicate with your current property manager and ask questions about your lease, such as, "Could I stay here for one more month, if necessary?" and "What are the terms for closing my lease?" From there, you will be able to build a medium-term moving calendar, which might include other important dates such as inspections, lease signings, and hiring helpers.

2. Take Inventory of the Things You Currently Own

Every time you move—whether it has been years or weeks—it is a great time to take a detailed inventory of the things you currently own. It is also an opportunity to reevaluate the things you have been hanging onto but could consider throwing away.

While we all like to hold onto our prized possessions, take a step back and ask yourself: Do I really need this? The more things you can part with while sorting through your possessions, the easier the apartment-moving process will be. Regardless of what you want to keep and what you want to part with, creating an accurate, sorted inventory list will make this entire process much easier.

3. Coordinate Your Bills, Utilities, and Mail

When moving from one apartment to another, you'll want to make sure that all of your accounts are in order. Make a list of each of the utilities you pay independent of your current landlord. Some of the most common utilities include internet, electricity, security, and gas. Call the providers of each of these services and make sure the account is completely closed. Additionally, you should create a list of all bills sent to your current residence and redirect them to your new apartment. Contacting the postal service (USPS) to notify them of a change of address will also be beneficial

  1. Begin Packing Well in Advance

We’ve all been there before. You know you are moving next week, but you wait until the very last minute before you actually begin the packing process. After all, it can’t take that long to pack, right?

Even if the physical packing process only takes a few hours, it’s a good idea to begin packing at least a few days before your move. Early packing will help you avoid needless amounts of stress, and ensure your belongings are all accounted for and well organized.

  1. Confirm Your Final Moving Details

When it comes to moving into a Georgia apartment, there is no such thing as being 'too cautious.' For example, if you booked a moving truck a few months ago, you’ll want to call the moving company at least a week in advance of the move.

There are plenty of other details you’ll want to look into, as well. Do you know where you’ll be getting your key? Will the Wi-Fi and other utilities be running as soon as you move in? Do you need any help from your friends or family to move?

Following up on these details in advance can help you avoid some major headaches. Once you have these details sorted, you will be able to develop a detailed loading and unloading strategy that will make the moving process much easier.

  1. Take Detailed Notes (and Pictures) of Your New Place

Only a few luxury apartment renters will ever encounter conflicts regarding their security deposit. Most property managers in this community are willing to listen to your complaints and find a workable solution.

That being said, there is no such thing as being too diligent. The moment you move into your new apartment, take a look around to make sure that everything is operational, and everything appears exactly as it did when you signed the lease. If you do encounter a problem, be sure to document it (in writing and with photos) and present it to the property manager as soon as you can.

  1. Get to Know Your New Digs

Congrats! You have now moved into your luxury Gainesville, Georgia apartment. We know this was a big change for you and that you are probably very excited to begin a new chapter in your life.

Now that you’re here, take some time to get to know your new environment. Take a walk around the campus, dip in the pool, check out the scenery, and get to know your new neighbors. While the moving process can be very stressful in certain situations, it can also be well worth the effort.